We all know the importance of videos... whether on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Video content is KING! But the problem is knowing what to create and post!

The 21-Day Video Challenge

We have you covered! 21 PROVEN Headline Templates and Instruction

What is the 21-Day Video Challenge?

Thinking of content for videos can be hard. Thinking of headlines that will entice people to click and watch your video can be even harder.


That's why I created the Marketing Medic 21-Day Video Challenge.


In this challenge I have provided you with 21 headline templates that have proven to get the video watch clicks.


An example is "How to (result your audience wants) in (timeframe) without (a painpoint your audience fears)".


The 21-Day Challenge is delivered in a membership course format broken into three 7-Day sections.


In the first section, video titles are designed to attract a cold audience. The second section titles are targeting a warm audience. And the last 7 days are more focused on Call to Action videos.


So, as you can see, these videos are built to perfectly align with your Facebook TAG strategy.


Each daily "Fill in the blank template" is accompanied by 2 videos:


1) The first video is a short explanation of the template and how to craft your video to obtain your best results.


2) The second video is my promotional video using that template that you may have very well seen as I marketed to you for this course offering.


What Happens After the 21 Days?

The first super cool and surprising thing is that after the 21 days you're going to have a much stronger understanding of your business and the message you want to share with your audience.


You're also going to be able to look back at your Facebook Video Insights and glean a better understanding of your audience and what they want. Some of your videos will get tons of comments and engagement. Some, not so much....


This feedback is priceless. Your audience is directly telling you what they want to see and hear from you.


So after the 21 days  I hope you won't stop creating video content.


This is why I've included two "Bonus" trainings where I provide the format you can use for future "off the cuff" and "empathy based" videos.

Is there anything else included?

    The 21-Day Challenge also comes with a Private Facebook Group....


    I know. I know. How many more Facebook Groups do you really need to be a part of?


    This group is a little different though as this is one of the places where you can share the videos you create. Members of the group provide super valuable feedback on your video technique and content, to help you get better and better with each video you produce.


    Oh, and there's prizes...

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