Download my personal EMS

"Client Onboarding Questionnaire"

The first thing I do with any client I work with is go through my Empathic Marketing Strategy (EMS) "Client Onboarding Questionnaire" with them.


This serves 2 purposes:


  1. It helps me decide if this is a client I want to work with and can help.
  2. It provides me ALL the content I need moving forward to create ads, offers, landing pages, email sequences, video scripts.... EVERYTHING!

A complete EMS Onboarding Questionnaire is the big domino you need to topple any difficulties you may be having with your ads, optins, and/or sales.

Download your own "editable" EMS Client Onboarding Questionnaire and have evergreen access to my 12 minute "Big Domino" video training

Explaining to Russell how I used my Empathic Marketing™ Strategy to get a 36:1 ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for my client.

"John on my inside team came in and said (Mike's) better at running ads than I am!"

"(Mike's) just got a really unique ability to understand the marketplace..."

"He cares more about you and your business more than pretty much anyone else I have seen out there."

Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels Founder

"...nobody better I would recommend that you go to to have your funnel fixed than Mike, the Marketing Medic... "

"He understands the tactics, the strategy, the idea, the offer... he understands how to make it all congruent with traffic"

Todd Brown

Marketing Funnel Automation

"...Marketing Medic Apprenticeship Program revolutionized my business and quite frankly my life... "

"the stress of my business has gone down dramatically."

"... in the past 4 months have made over $200,000..."

"I would never have started that business if it wasn't for Mike."

Rachel Miller

Moolah Marketer

"2-Comma Club Winner"

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