Are you ready to turn your "hobby" into a real business?

But with the smallest amount of risk possible?

These are the modules which you will find waiting for you in your membership area. Each module includes an over-the-shoulder video of me either in my Facebook ad account or the account of one of my clients. You just need to:


a) watch the video

b) pause the video

c) implement what you just watched in your account

  • Welcome and Introduction

    What to expect from the course and how to best implement the training.

  • Account Tech Set-Up

    Set up your Facebook Business Manager so everything is in place to start running ads.

  • Pixel Set-Up

    Much of our retargeting comes from the Facebook pixel. This module shows how to set that up.

  • Cold Audience Creation

    Your first campaign is designed to go broad and find the people who raise their hands to see more of you.

  • Warm Audience Campaign

  • Custom Conversions

    We need custom conversions to determine what ads are winning and losing.

  • Call-To-Action Campaign

    Now that we've turned your warm audience "hot", it's time to hit them with your offers.

  • Determine Your KPI

    Knowing your Key Performance Indicator numbers ensures that you keep your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) in the black. The person who can spend the most... WINS!

  • You are in the stage of your business where money is at more of a premium than time

  • You have a realistic expectation of doing business online

    We have been subtly brainwashed by the "gurus" leading us to believe $1,000,000's can be made with 10-minute "funnel hacks" and organic traffic. The truth is the results you achieve are directly proportional to the work you put in. This course is for people who are done with chasing the elusive "easy".

  • You are prepared to stay until the final credits

  • You can work through any frustrations

    I'm going to be fully honest here... Setting up Facebook is somewhat complicated. There are pixels and custom conversions and other things you may have never heard or used before. But this course is 100% "over-the-shoulder". If you "watch-pause-do" along with me, you shouldn't have any trouble at all. If you do stumble, that is what me and the private Facebook Group are for. We'll get you past any bumps in the road. You just need to stick with it!

  • You are willing to spend money on ads

    This is a course on how to run a profitable Facebook ad campaign, but that can only happen if you invest in ads. You don't need to spend a ton of money, but you should be willing to start with a $10/day budget and expect that it may take a couple hundred dollars before the ads start converting. There are a lot of moving pieces and this is the reality of doing business online. See "Item #1" above!

  • You are willing to create some videos

    Natural "head-shot" videos are best... but if you are super uncomfortable in front of the camera, then those may not work. There are video options other than you talking to a camera lens. But regardless of the format you choose, you have to be willing to create a minimum of 10 videos.

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